Must-Know Moving Tips If You Own Pets or Plants

Are you planning to move? If so, you may not be aware that many moving companies do not offer relocation services for living things. This means that if you own pets or plants, you will likely need to make special arrangements. Perhaps you have several pets. You might be able to transport them in your vehicle, but aquatic and exotic animals require special relocation considerations, which is why it is wise to make your plans early to get them to your new location safely. The following are a few tips that can help you.

Cats and Dogs

If you do not have a vehicle to transport your pets, you may want to consider asking a neighbor or trusted friend to take care of them until your move is complete. Perhaps your home has become the home for stray animals that need a safe caretaker. Consider putting some of the pets you have provided a safe home to up for adoption. If you transport the pets yourself, ensure their safety by placing them in comfortable cages that are not overcrowded.


Aquatic animals can be difficult to relocate because they usually have sensitive body temperatures that need to be monitored. These animals also need to have a good air supply to survive a move. If your move is a short distance move, you may be able to rely on the moving company to transport your aquarium. This will aid in ensuring that it does not get damaged in transit. You could use a smaller aquarium for transporting the fish, but you need to ensure that it will meet their needs during the relocation. A pet store should have the correct supplies to protect the health of your fish.

Exotic Animals

Some of these also have special temperature and habitat requirements. This means that you will need to ensure that their safety and the safety of others is addressed during your move. For example, if you own a pet python, you might view them as harmless, but they could hurt someone if they are distressed due to being taken out of their usual habitat during a move.

Potted Plants

These have delicate blooms and leaves. You can protect them by ensuring that nothing heavy gets placed on top of them. You should also ensure that they get adequate ventilation. If you place them in bags boxes for transport, do not tie the bags off completely or tape the boxes because the plants will not be able to breathe. 

A moving company such as Real Pro Movers is a good resource to use to for advice on relocating living things. They may not be able to move your pets and plants, but they have the knowledge of special precautions you can take during the move to preserve them.