Moving With Rats? 4 Tips To Ensure A Smooth Move From Start To Finish

Rats are smart, little creatures that you may find scavenging around dumpsters or in homes as pets. Their social nature makes it essential to have several rats in your household. So, when you have an upcoming move, you will need to come up with a solution that is able to accommodate multiple rats. Using just a few tips to improve the experience of moving with rats should lead to a positive experience all around.

Set Them Up Well

If you are driving a moving truck, you are only going to have so much room to work with in the cab. It is ideal to pick a small travel carrier to minimize the chance of experiencing size problems. Since you will typically not be able to attach a water bottle like you normally would with their cage, you need to resort to a water bowl, which should be pretty heavily made to keep it from getting knocked over. For the food, you can also use a bowl, but sprinkling it in the carrier is also fine as they will pick it out just fine.

Drive During the Day

The best time to drive for the move is during the day. This is because rats are nocturnal and most active at night, which is when you will be staying in hotels to get sleep for the following day of driving. Since they will not have much space to move around in their travel carrier, it will be nice to sleep during this time.

Give Them Space at Night

When they are most active, you should do what you can to give them the ability to be active. One idea is to put them in the bathroom with the door shut through the night. Giving them fresh food, water, and a litter box should be more than enough to prevent them from making too much of a mess. And, as long as you are cautious with opening the door when going to the bathroom, they will be completely safe.

Provide Coverage for Sleeping

Rats love covering up when sleeping, mainly because of their instinctual habit to hide from predators. So, when you have them in their travel carrier, you should use a lightweight sheet to cover it up. This will make it easier for your rats to sleep as it will minimize sunlight exposure and keep them feeling safe.

Moving with rats should not be a challenge when you take several steps to prepare for the move. Contact a moving company like All Points Movers, LLC for even more help with your move.