3 Steps to Helping Hoarders Pack and Move

Moving isn't fun for anyone. When you decide to help someone else move, it definitely isn't enjoyable. However, when you have a friend that is a pack rat, sometimes you need to be a good friend and help them out, as they are going to need some assistance getting their personal belongings packed up and out of the house. They are going to need help determining what should be saved and what can actually be gotten rid of. For hoarders, though, packing and moving is going to be very emotional and frustrating, which is why they need help. Here are three steps that you need to follow to help your friend:

Step #1: Make Sure to Carve Out Enough Time to Sort.

Hoarders often collect things in their homes for years. For that reason, when it comes to packing and moving, it is going take more than just a few hours in a day and 10-12 boxes. So, you need to ensure that you allow plenty of time to sort through their personal belongings. In many cases, you are going to need a week or longer to do this and lots of supplies, including disposable gloves, disinfectant, cleaning supplies, large garbage bags and several dozen boxes (possibly more).

Step #2: Don't Overlook the Emotional Effect This Will Have.

When you walk into your friend's apartment or home, you may become quite frustrated when you realize just how much work is going to need to be done. However, it is important that you do not forget that this is hard on your friend to. It is going to make them feel anxious, embarrassed, and vulnerable, in addition to feeling overwhelmed just like you. Be patient and don't assume that everything is trash. While some stuff may be garbage, make sure to listen to what they have to say and take your time as you go through each room.

Step #3: Develop a Plan for Decluttering.

As already mentioned, there will likely be some garbage that you come across in each room. At the same time, you are probably going to find some things that are no longer needed and are simply difficult for your friend to let go of. However, you may be able to talk them into getting rid of it if you donate it to a good cause or have a yard sale and are able to bring in some cash with it. Depending on how your friend handles it, decluttering the home can be an easy process or it can be a taxing one. So, again, just be patient and try to understand where they're coming from.

With these three steps in tow, you will be ready to dive on it and get started. Just remember that this isn't going to be easy on either of you, but they are your friend and they need your help. Remember, though, if you have scheduled a local moving service to pick up the boxes, make sure that you stick to your deadlines!