2 Tips to Prevent Your Baby Clothes From Developing Mildew While in Storage

Purchasing new baby clothes as your child gets older can be a fun and exciting experience. However, when your child outgrows these clothes it can be difficult to come up with enough room to place these clothes. You can either place them in your garage or rent out your own storage unit. A storage unit provides enough space for the baby clothes and other items. Before placing the baby clothes in storage, it is important to take additional steps to prevent mildew development. Mildew can ruin the clothes and make them unwearable in the future. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to help avoid this.

Place Moisture Balls Around the Baby Clothes

If you are using a storage unit that does not have climate control, then you are going to deal with excess moisture in the air. If the excess moisture goes unregulated, then this can quickly result in mildew. In order to help reduce the moisture levels in a storage unit, you can place moisture balls throughout the unit. More specifically, they should be placed as close to the baby clothes as possible. The moisture balls will reduce the amount of moisture in the air at all times. You can pick up moisture balls from any home improvement store. In addition, the balls should be switched out every few months.

Vacuum Seal the Baby Clothes Before Storing

If you are looking to protect the baby clothes from other external elements aside from mildew, then you should consider vacuuming sealing the garments. The vacuum seal removes excess air and moisture from the bag before sealing in the piece of clothing. When you are ready to reopen or remove the clothing, then you will find it in the same condition in which you left it in. This technique is also a good way to prevent the clothing from experiencing water damage in the event of a heavy rainfall or flood. You can pick up an easy to use vacuum sealer from your local home improvement store. Make sure to clean the baby clothing and dry it properly before sealing it.

The whole point of putting your baby clothes in storage is to save it for a future date. Mildew can easily make these clothes unusable when it comes time to take them out of storage. Therefore, use these tips to make sure you are able to avoid this.

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